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It’s such a sunny day here in Bristol, and we could be facing the end of SEO as we know it….because  today’s the day that Google changes its algorithm to make it mobile friendly!

Google today has shown its dominance over the industry and is changing the future of Internet use. 60% of all searches on the Internet now start on a mobile phone or tablet device and Google is aware that it’s search engine needs to make sure that it delivers results suitable for mobile consumption.

Today’s algorithm change will rank sites higher that Google thinks are mobile friendly. Basically it means that some sites will turn up less often if they aren’t able to be viewed easily on mobile phones.

There have been three big changes to the Google algorithm recently and this one is helping to shape Google’s vision of what the web should be. With high-value and relevant content, ease of consumer use and mobile friendly.

So how will that change the SEO landscape in Bristol? There are thousands of sites that today will have the rankings affected and as the leading SEO company in Bristol we understand how important web design is to the process and we are in a great position to help people that are affected by this.

If you’d like some help and want to have a chat about how your rankings are affected then get in touch today will be more than happy to spend some time talking about how we can help. Call us on 0177 318 2177